Design, etc.

teaching myself basic video and graphic design has allowed me to create things outside of the kitchen, often for the purpose of getting more attention to the food projects I'm involved with. And it's fun.


A sampling of those projects can be viewed below


New Menu Campaign - Cafe Xoho

Shot: Canon 5s

Brew Shop Tel Aviv Promotion Video

August 2015

Music: Leon Bridges "Coming Home"

Filmed: Canon 5s

Cafe Xoho "Take Me Home and Bake Me" Cookie Dough Commercial

May 2015

Music: The Cure - "The Lovecats"

Filmed: GoPro 

Cafe Xoho Commercial 

Music: Vampire Weekend - Punk

Filmed: Smartphone

Bakers Music & Food Festival

September 2015


Pop-Up Dinner Cafe Xoho

December 2014


StorySlam TLV - storytelling event

"Adventures in Food"

March 2014