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For those of you who don't know me, I threw a rambunctious Pita Party in the backyard of Collage Coffee in Highland Park, (Los Angeles, CA), every Wednesday morning. What started as a pop-up idea grew into a family of pita loving friends, dogs, and babies. 

The pandemic really stopped us in our tracks. How could we gather together, mandhandle our food, and openly engage when what we really needed for the safety or ourselves and others was to hit pause on all of that?

I miss the pita parties and all of you who came and scarfed pita with us. Until we can gather again -  we can gawk at these photos and take a trip down Pita Party memory lane ....

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March 27th


Halloumi and seared meyer lemon scrambled eggs

Cucumber and Cabbage salad 

Garlicky yoghurt dollop

Chili Crack Crisp

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April 17th


The Best Hummus

Charred zucchini, onions, leaks, peppers

Ponzu tahina 

Shaved beet and cabbage salad

Radish flowers

Sumac dusting

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May 22nd


Underwood family farms roasted beets

Sauteed beet greens and kumquat eggs

Garlicky sour cream

Radish and feta slaw

Turmeric labneh dollop

Nasturtium flowers

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September 4th

Halloumi and Passion Fruit Curd

slippery purple cabbage with broccoli, lemon, and carrot

Celery and stone fruit with castelvetrano olives

Ud’s schug, fresh shiso

Big chives

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December 6th


Escabeche with Griddled persimmons

Eggplant on the plancha

Purple tomatillo salsa

Pickled onions with star anise

Cotija and chicharones dusted in tajin

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March 20th


Roasted Jerusalem artichoke schmear

Big ass Jerusalem artichoke chips

Raw shaved beet, radish, and fennel salad

Marinated anaheim peppers in oil

Oxalis and fennel fronds

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October 9th

Grated carrots with cumin and cinnamon,

soaked raisins, edamame, dill, parsley, & preserved lemons

Sumac yoghurt

Adult chex-mix: Toasted buckwheat, toasted almonds

and other goodies

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September 11th


All the roasted veggies (mushrooms, eggplant, onions, leeks, tomatoes

Smoky charred eggplant baba-tahina

Onion and fig jam with red wine and balsamic

Marinated figs in olive oil with peppers

Garlic blossoms


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