Meet Harry! He has been running this small but mighty store, Sahag's Basturma in Little Armenia, Los Angeles since 1987! Nearly as long as I've been alive. Recently he lost 40lbs and frankly, I think he looks great. If you stop into his shop on any given day you may find him behind the counter shaving thin slices of his in house cured meats to lay inside simple yet satiating little sammies. He had me at the touch of mustard.


We tried a couple of his classics and bought a ton of goodies from the shelves of his store while he tended to our lunch. The result: several new items in my kitchen to play with with AND two delectable sandwiches along with a foil wrapped pouch of house made pickles, spicy long peppers, and olives to go along with it. He makes me happy and that is why Harry is my Favorite Fucking Boss of the Month.