Artist & Food Curator 


Zoë Komarin

Based in Los Angeles, CA

Pita Party Queen

I fell into food in 2008 and quickly understood the power of my role in it. I love to make each experience people have with me about the childlike desire to play with our food, to use our imaginations, and to walk away with a memory that sticks longer than the food itself.

Six of my cooking years were spent shaping the kitchen at Cafe Xoho, a supremely special place in Tel Aviv, Israel. Much of my ethos about food and my purpose in cooking developed within those walls. While in Tel Aviv, I was faced with my own questions about food, culture, identity, connectivity, and the purpose of productivity in the service sector. The "professional kitchen space" became a place for exploring these themes and to generate a feeling of joy and new (healthier) patterns in an industry that notoriously favors a more brutal set of conditions. 

This approach influenced my most recent independent working project, ZOEFOODPARTY. A blanket term to describe all of the food experiences I currently am working on. This can range from site-specific pop-ups, like the Pita Party that exploded in popularity, video art, collaborative projects, and now virtual cooking classes. All of which have purposefully placed me at the center of the relationship between folks and their desire to be taken care of and fed lovingly. It is a formula that allows for the potential of unsolicited connection through food and acts for me is a great reminder of the basic humanity of feeding people.